Richelle Tieman

Richelle has been birdwatching with her family since she was 10. Finding the right food and digging through bird guides was just one of her family's favorite pastimes. As an adult, she has six birdhouses and two bird feeders in her yard to attract her feathered friends. She's excited to share everything she has learned over the years about birds with you on Briding Insider and help you find the best products for your yard!

White-Tailed Hawk Guide (Geranoaetus albicaudatus)

Everything Guide to the White-Tailed Hawk Stocky and Large with Broad Wings Conservation: Low Concern Resident only – Non-migratory Diet: Mammals, reptiles, birds Listen to the White-Tailed Hawk here and here Watch the White-tailed Hawk fly here! I love the White-tailed Hawk because it has the same color of eyes (as well as here) as I

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Zone-Tailed Hawk Guide (Buteo albonotatus) 

Diurnal, Migratory, Soaring, Predator Diet: Mammals, Lizards, and Birds Listen to the Zone-Tailed Hawk here and here   My favorite characteristic of the Zone-Tailed Hawk is its cunning stealth with hunting prey. Evolution has been kind to this raptor, giving it a startling similarity to the Turkey Vulture (which doesn’t hunt prey but waits until

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Blue-throated Hummingbird Guide (Lampornis clemenciae bessophilus)

Have you ever had the gift of seeing a Blue-throated Mountain Gem hummingbird fly backward?  Hummingbirds are the only birds that can do that and fly upside down! That’s one sure way to determine you’ve seen a hummingbird!  These fun-sized birds are restless and quickly flit about, making it difficult to see their true colors

Blue-throated Hummingbird Guide (Lampornis clemenciae bessophilus) Read More »

Crowned Eagle Guide (Stephanoaetus coronatus) Africa’s most powerful eagle

Meet the most powerful eagle in Africa, with unique, unusually large razor-sharp talons and incredibly strong legs that can crush skulls and snap spines of prey weighing up to 60 pounds! Of the 30 eagle species that exist, it is no exaggeration to call the Crowned Eagle the most ferocious bird on earth. The Crowned

Crowned Eagle Guide (Stephanoaetus coronatus) Africa’s most powerful eagle Read More »

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