Kathryn Peiman

Kathryn has worked and studied a variety of bird species across the globe. She started backyard bird watching with bird feeders as a child and became a biologist to study birds. She can identify all Australian birds by sight and sound within a very short distance. She also started developing her photography and drawing skills, which included birds among her subjects.

Black and White Woodpeckers Guide

Introduction Tap-tap-tap…tap-tap-tap…if you’re anything like me, the unmistakable sound of a woodpecker instantly draws your attention. I’ll fully admit I’m a visual birder, not an auditory one: I’m much better at identifying birds by their appearance instead of their sound. That means I’ll never be able to tell some species apart (the dreaded flycatchers come

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Best Woodpecker Deterrent to Deter Woodpeckers from Damaging Your Property

Woodpeckers are amazing birds, excavating dead trees to find insects for food and creating cavities for nesting. These cavities are essential for many species of birds and mammals that can’t make their own, so woodpeckers are critical to maintaining a diverse and functioning ecosystem. However, their habitat of drilling for insects isn’t always limited to

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Violet-crowned Hummingbird Guide (Ramosomyia violiceps)

Info This is a rather unique-looking hummingbird species because they don’t have the typical bright metallic and iridescent throat feathers that hummingbirds are known for. Instead, with an intense violet crown, white throat, and red bill, they look slightly cartoonish. This is also another hummingbird species that barely makes it into North America and has

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