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Putting up a bird feeder is exciting. You anticipate the birds you will see gathered around, pecking at the food and bobbing their little bodies. There is no greater joy or better way to relax than watching nature from your window year-round. It’s free (or pennies a day if you count the birdseed), it can be done from the comfort of your home, and you can write notes on the species of birds you see or just sit and contemplate the birds as they come!

I remember putting up my first Duncraft bird feeder with my father, who had to scout out the “absolute most durable” of anything he bought, oftentimes at the price of visual appeal!  A simple hanging feeder with a roof, it was part platform feeder and part hopper feeder, and birds flocked to it in droves.

Since childhood, I have developed a specific liking for Droll Yankees products, especially for bird feeders, because of their consistent dedication to customer satisfaction with a lifetime guarantee, and their unending devotion to innovative solutions for bird feeder challenges. I will admit that my preference for them does, in part, stem from their history and their name, as sometimes I consider myself a droll Yankee!

bird feeder

Impressively, Walmart has an extensive selection of bird feeders, and luckily there are many high-quality, effective, and beautiful products!  I will analyze the best Walmart bird feeders (a few Droll Yankees may make it into the list!) and break the options down so you can make the best decision for your yard.

Walmart offers an astounding amount of great feeders in every style imaginable, and it’s no wonder that sorting through hundreds of choices can get tedious. This article will help ease the temptation to close your eyes, point, and pick a feeder!

Hopefully, my recommendations will help you feel confident in choosing a feeder that is right for you!

The Best Walmart Bird Feeder

I love this gleaming steel and crystal clear Walmart bird feeder with a solution for an easy and thorough cleaning! It’s so important for birds to have fresh seeds and sanitary eating conditions, so they don’t spread disease.  Sometimes feeding the birds can actually be harmful to them if the feeder and seed are left to the elements!

My bottom line pick for Walmart Bird Feeders combines many features in a gorgeous, Tube Feeder with lifetime warranty. The best overall Walmart bird feeder is the Droll Yankees Ring Pull Advantage Feeder.

Droll Yankees 16-inch Finch Bird Feeder, Ring Pull Advantage

Best Walmart Bird Feeders Quick List

dove feeder
A Morning Dove decides to rest in the food while House Thrushes wait their turn!

Tips for Choosing the Best Walmart Bird Feeders

  • Start by determining how much time you can devote to filling, cleaning, and monitoring your feeder each day.  If the answer is less than fifteen minutes a day, you know you are looking at a tube, hopper, or large-capacity window feeder.  If you want to only refill and check your feeder once a week, a hopper feeder is likely a good fit. If you have time to refill your feeder every day, a platform/tray or smaller tube feeder may give you the most bird-watching enjoyment.
  • The next step is to decide where you will place your feeder.  Birds like a wide berth of open space around their food source for viewing potential dangers and feeling safe.  If you are thinking of hanging a feeder from a shepherd’s hook or mounting one on a post in your yard, you will want it about 12 feet away from any bushes or trees. You could opt for a tube, platform, or hopper feeder for hanging.  If your yard is non-existent like mine was for three years, a window feeder is a great choice.
  • Do you have a specific bird population in mind? Some people prefer to cater to smaller birds, like finches and chickadees. The small height of these birds will make it crucial that you pay attention to the space between the perch and the roof to ensure it is small enough to deter larger birds. Smaller birds tend to be shy just because they are the most likely to be prey for larger birds and wildlife. Squirrel baffles or squirrel-proof feeders are especially important for these vulnerable friends.

Daily Maintenance Time (for each bird feeder)

Best Bird Feeder

15 minutes or less each day Large Tube or Hopper Feeder, Suet feeder
16 to 29 minutes each day Large or small tube and hopper feeders, suet and large window feeder
30 minutes or more daily All Tube, Platform/Tray, Hopper, Suet, Hummingbird, and Window Feeders
** It is extremely important to spend that time every day maintaining your bird feeder and not just wait until the weekend and spend an hour (been there, done that, doesn’t work)

Tips for Attracting Birds to Your Walmart Bird Feeder

Clear Landing

  • First, the birds have to see that you have a bird feeder before they come to your yard! Place all feeders (except window) in an open expanse away from trees, shrubs, buildings, or other obstructions to sight.  Birds want a bird’s eye view of any incoming threats and ample time to fly off. An average of 15 feet in diameter around your feeder should be clear of anything a squirrel could jump from or a cat could hide in.  Once that is taken care of, the extra feet are for escape access from raptors.

Scrabbling Squirrels

  • You will need a squirrel baffle if your bird feeder does not have a deterrent for these pesky critters.  Think above and below. Many tube feeders come with weight-sensitive perches that close the feeding port doors if a heavier object catches hold. Some also have a battery-powered spinning mechanism that is triggered by increased weight.

Check out this Garbuildman Squirrel Baffle for Bird Feeder Pole.

Garbuildman Squirrel Baffle for Bird Feeder Pole, Outside Pole Mount Bird House Guard for Outdoor Shepherd’s Hook, 19 Inch Diameter, 1 Pack

Protect the Seed

  • Be aware of the roof or covering over the seed container.  A well-sealed snap or screwtop is preferred for weather challenges that lead to mildew and rotting bird food. Squirrels and wind have also been known to dislodge the top of a seed container as well!
  • Drainage Holes are necessary for the same reason that a roof is necessary. Collected moisture is the number one reason for rotted seeds, especially in large-capacity feeders that are hard to view from inside the house.  I have taken the cover off too many feeders only to discover mold in the middle of the seeds!

Plastic Clarity

  • No more yellowed plastic, stained by the seed, parched from the sun, and scratched by tiny feet! I think I have post-traumatic stress from seeing cracked, orange-tinted feeders. LOL  Look for high-density plastic from a trusted company with years of experience.  Another tip is to look for phrases like “weather-resistant”, “non-scratch”, etc. in the description.  Reviews are great for finding comments about how well the plastic holds up.

Types of Bird Feeders

You may wonder if the type of bird feeder that you get matters. That depends on how specific you want to get when attracting birds. My grandmother didn’t want any bully birds at all, and I heard about how awful Blue Jays were every time I visited her! The best way to get an abundance of birds to your yard without excluding some larger birds that you may want is to have several bird feeders of a different type.

Choose at least one with a smaller opening between the ledge and the roof.  Hopper or House feeders make it easy to measure, and many will specify that in the description. I would also opt for one Platform/Tray feeder, as that is the most visited type of feeder, being mindful to have a squirrel baffle at least on the bottom (depending on placement).

Tray or Platform Bird Feeders

Eastern Towhee waits above for Red-Bellied Woodpecker to finish!

This is the most popular, simple, and versatile of all bird feeders.  The sheer ease of getting to the bird seed, as well as the unobstructed view, are reasons more birds prefer this type of feeder than any other!

This ease of use makes it a “non-exclusive” feeder, meaning it doesn’t discriminate against different birds. It’s made so that all birds have equal access! Using a platform feeder is similar to ground feeding because it is an open space with visible, accessible food.

The platform feeder type appeals to ground-feeding birds and those using off-the-ground feeders. The placement versatility includes hanging, mounting on a pole/fence/deck, sitting on the ground or on a table, and attaching to a window.

Hopper Bird Feeders, or House Bird Feeders, use gravity to pull the seed down into an area at the bottom.  This is a very simple design and functions well for most sizes of birds. There is a covering, usually slanted like a roof (thus the “house” feeder name) over the top to keep out weather and squirrels.

This style is easy to refill, typically holds the most birdseed, and keeps food dry for longer periods of time.

tube bird feeders beginnersYou probably have seen many tube bird feeders hanging from poles and trees in your neighborhood. Easily spotted because of their hanging design, the style is very simple and easy to use.

Some types of tube feeders have strange perches and different-sized holes and slots that are difficult for some birds to understand! (I have seen birds hop around, looking up and down, pecking intermittently at the wrong areas of the feeder, then flying off without getting anything.)

Tube bird feeders are the best to keep the seeds dry, fresh, and disease-free. These come in a smaller size of about 2″ in diameter or a larger 4″ in diameter.  Siskins and chickadees will eat upside down, so don’t be surprised to see the perch above the port!

Suet Feeders

Suet is an excellent source of nutrition and energy for birds, especially in the winter when they need extra weight.

Coming in many forms, including cakes, balls, cylinders, plugs, and crumbles, suet is usually seen inside a caged container with thick wire for birds to perch when they peck at the food.

There are cage-in-cage suet feeders that only allow smaller birds entrance inside to peck at the suet.  This is great for suet feeders that get overrun by larger birds.

Hummingbird Feeders

Hummingbirds and orioles will drink sugar water from your specially designed feeder, but insects and bees will be kept out by a tiny filter over each feeding port. The feeder usually consists of a canister with a wider, shallow covered tray at the bottom with the feeding ports. Often times the ports will look like little flowers and be brightly colored to mimic gardens for the hummingbirds.

How I Chose the Best Walmart Bird Feeders

I know how frustrating it is to spend time and money putting up a feeder only to wait for what seems months to see anything larger than a mosquito fly by! My recommendations will help you combat that.

I love bird feeders and would have dozens around my yard in different locations, all catering to a specific bird niche if my family let me! It’s hard to choose from hundreds of appealing options, but I know with each feeder type comes certain requirements, and sticking to those tried, and true guidelines helps eliminate lesser adversaries!

I chose the best of the best to recommend based on my knowledge and experience of what works and why. (For more specific data regarding feeders and bird species, here are some of my favorite resources: Cornell’s Ornithology Center, Feeder Watch, and Audobon.

Here are the criteria needed to make it on my list of the best Walmart Bird Feeders.

  • Provide at least one critical feature or solve a common feeder problem
  • Weather Resistant and Durable
  • Sold by Walmart
  • Squirrel-proof or able to accommodate squirrel proofing
  • Sturdy hardware and resistant to breaking (that means no glass or cheap plastic!)

All of my best bird feeder choices will have everything bulleted above, and then I will go into a more thorough explanation of each.

Best Walmart Ground Bird Feeder: Woodland Squirrel Ground Bird Feeder


This ground feeder squirrel is offering treats to the birds in his tail! Lifelike and decorative, I like the seeds being off the ground and staying fresher longer. An adorable design for a ground feeder. Due to its small seed capacity, it will need refilling several times a day, and because it is an “open” feeder that birds can also walk around in, it will need to be at least hosed off every day and cleaned with soap and water a few times weekly.

  • Dimensions: 7″x4″x6″
  • Weight: 1.5 pounds
  • Seed Capacity: 1 or 2 cups

I Like

  • Seeds are off the ground and fresh
  • Polyresin material is weather resistant and durable
  • The squirrel design looks nice in the yard
  • Heavy enough not to tip over

I Don’t Like

  • Frequently needs to be refilled

Best Walmart Hopper and Suet Combo Bird Feeder: More Birds Mixed Seed and Suet Feeder

More Birds Hopper Suet Seed Feeder, Sunflower/Mixed Seed, Black

I love this large suet/hopper feeder for the many features that come built into it! An incredibly efficient feeder with strong plexiglass and coated, weather-resistant metal holding both Suet containers and a seed reservoir! Drainage holes and a seed diverter keep water from building up, and the slanted roof protects it from rain and snow, meaning less chance of mildew!

This has a wide perching area for many birds to eat simultaneously, double-locking dual cages for suet cakes, and an 8-pound seed capacity! This has everything you could want to attract the most birds safely except a squirrel deterrent. You will want to get a baffle with this!

  • Dimensions: 13″x17″x11″
  • Weight: 3.2 pounds
  • Seed Capacity: 8 pounds with 2 suet cages

I Like

  • 8-pound seed capacity means less filling
  • Drainage holes and seed diverter keep seeds dry
  • 2 attached suet cages on the sides
  • Built-in pole mount hole
  • Weather resistant steel
  • Thick protective roof

I Don’t Like

  • Larger Capacity is prone to mold and mildew
  • Needs a squirrel baffle

Best Overall Walmart Feeder: Droll Yankees Ring Pull Advantage Tube Feeder

Droll Yankees 16-inch Finch Bird Feeder, Ring Pull Advantage

I love this pull-ring tube feeder from Droll Yankees, and it is my bottom line best feeder from Walmart.  An updated classic with metal port rimmers means squirrels can’t chew a larger opening to get seeds. This innovative design disassembles with one pull of the vertical bar ring to ensure every crevice of the feeder gets sanitized.

Six sturdy metal perches mean more birds can eat at one time, and the legendary crystal clear high-impact plastic is both resistant to shattering and yellowing! As always with Droll Yankees products, you get a lifetime warranty.

  • Dimensions: 2.5″x16″ or 2.5″x20″ with hanging loop
  • Weight: 3 pounds
  • Seed Capacity: One quart (1.4 pounds)

I Like

  • Heavy-duty hardware won’t rust or break
  • Drainage holes keep seeds dry
  • Built-in threaded pole mount hole
  • Weather, crack, and shatter-resistant
  • Top slides up for refilling
  • One pull disassemble
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Made in America

I Don’t Like

  • I wish this came in a larger diameter option

Best Walmart Scrolled Tube Bird Feeder: Vintage Scrolled Cage Tube Feeder

Collections Etc Springtime Hanging Bird Feeder, Vintage French Country-Inspired Green Design, 7 3/4" L x 7 3/4" W x 16 1/2" H, Green

I love this vintage-inspired scrolled caged tube feeder! With a squirrel and large raptor-proof wire cage around the tube feeder, it provides the safety to perch in peace! Weather-resistant coating and steel provide six protected perches for birds to feed at the ports. Keeps food dry and fresh because no water can enter the tube.  May be harder to clean due to the intricate scrolling.

  • Dimensions: 8″x8″x17″
  • Weight: 3 pounds
  • Seed Capacity: Not listed

I Like

  • Beautiful design
  • Totally squirrel proof
  • Seed protection for fresh, healthy food
  • Rust-proof coating
  • Comfortable price point

I Don’t Like

  • May keep out larger birds that are desired

Best Walmart Hopper/House Bird Feeder: Perky Pet “Squirrel Be Gone” Country Bird Feeder

Perky Pet Squirrel Be Gone Country Style Bird Feeder

This is the cutest country farm design from one of the leaders in bird feeders, Perky Pet.  The roof is completely removable to make filling and cleaning super easy. The weathervane turns and locks the roof, making this squirrel-proof with the weight-sensitive perch that automatically shuts the door to the food! Weather resistant and rustproof, this feeder can accommodate all bird sizes and various seed mixtures.

  • Dimensions: 12″x14″x11
  • Weight: 5 pounds
  • Seed Capacity: 8 pounds

I Like

  • Weight Sensitive Perches to deter squirrels
  • Rust-proof coating
  • Viewing window for refilling
  • Removable top for easy filling and cleaning
  • Bright color attracts birds
  • Large seed capacity for less maintenance

I Don’t Like

  • Larger Capacity and hidden seeds are prone to mold and mildew

Best Walmart All in One Bird Feeder Station: Six Hook Steel 89″ Multi-Feeder Station

Best Choice Products 89in 6-Hook Bird Feeding Station, Steel Multi-Feeder Stand w/ 4 Feeders, Tray, Bird Bath - Brown

No more bird queues! Everyone can eat all at once! I had one of these for years when my yard was the size of a postage stamp, and it was amazing! Unfortunately, I had it near my door, inhibiting many birds from visiting. This does it all in one fell swoop with six ways to provide for your feathered friends!

There are two platform feeders and four other feeders to hang on the four hooks.  Built to last with durable solid steel and threaded screws, this ensures that you can attach a squirrel baffle to the pole for worry-free feeding of all birds! This is beautiful to look at, too!

  • Dimensions: 23″ around by 89″ high
  • Weight: 8 pounds
  • Seed Capacity: N/A

I Like

  • Solid steel, weather resistant, adjustable hooks
  • Can accommodate a squirrel baffle
  • Attractive yard decor
  • Appeals to many bird types
  • Five long securing ground prongs

I Don’t Like

  • Assembly required
  • Takes longer to clean

Best Walmart Window Bird Feeder:  Droll Yankees Observer Window Feeder

Droll Yankees Observer Window Bird Feeder

There is no plastic to see through to your bevy of feeding friends; just look those birds right in the eye! I’m not sure why it took so long to come up with this idea, but the large seed capacity, wide slanted roof, and heavy-duty suction cups make this a sturdy and unique style with the clearest view available!

  • Dimensions: 8″x3.5″x7″
  • Weight: One pound
  • Seed Capacity: One-half quart (0.75 pounds)

I Like

  • Weather, crack, yellow-resistant plastic
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Drainage Holes
  • Easy to clean
  • Large suction cups
  • Made in the USA

I Don’t Like

  • No measurement data for the bird opening

Best Walmart Hummingbird Feeder: Perky Pet Red Square Hummingbird Feeder

Perky Pet Red Square Antique Bottle Glass Hummingbird Feeder - 24 oz

Incredibly well crafted with embossed designs on the antique bottle, this is elegantly appointed and will dress up any yard. Four ports adorned with red and gold copper petals, and the base easily comes apart for cleaning each week. This holds 24 ounces of nectar solution, and in cooler climates, it will last a few days longer.

  • Dimensions: 6″x6″x11″
  • Weight: 2 pounds
  • Sugar Water Capacity: 24 ounces

I Like

  • Weather resistant
  • Base comes apart for easy cleaning
  • Heavy antique embossed bottle

I Don’t Like

  • Color may make viewing the water level difficult


Question:  How long will it take the birds to find my birdfeeder?

Answer: Birds will find a new food source in a few days to a few months, depending upon where you place your feeder and how many trees are surrounding your property.  Wooded areas with many trees have an increased diversity of birds than mostly treeless areas, and birds will find your feeder in a matter of days. The birds that use feeders will find their food by sight, and placing your feeder in an open area in plain sight will make it easier to find. Once one bird finds it, the rest will follow!

Question: How can I get rid of the flocks of starlings that eat all the suet?

Answer: Starlings are one of the “bully” birds that overwhelm the bird feeder and scare smaller birds away.  They tend to arrive in groups and can be frustrating to watch. An upside-down suet feeder (Walmart) immediately takes care of your starling, blackbird, and grackle problems. Starlings cannot hang on and feed upside down, but other birds like the chickadee, nuthatch, and woodpeckers are comfortable feeding that way.

Question: What can I do to attract birds to my bird feeder?

Answer: Attracting birds to your bird feeder can be as easy as moving the bird feeder to a more open area at least 15 feet away from trees and bushes. Seeing a potential predator is important for birds to have enough time to fly off.  Another way to invite birds is to have multiple bird feeder types.
Platform feeders draw more birds than any other type, but you must find one with an overhang to protect the food. Be sure to mount it away from bushes or trees that could impair the birds’ sight, and have it at least five feet off the ground. Having a squirrel baffle is also necessary, but once you have a protected feeder with a baffle on it, you should be getting a variety of birds in just weeks.

Final Thoughts on Best Walmart Bird Feeder

It’s hard to believe that several years have passed since the sudden influx of the home-bound population shot up and increased the popularity of bird watching around the globe. That has to be the silver lining for the tragic situation, and birds have never fared better with more people feeding them than ever before.

The best bird feeders are those you keep clean and refilled constantly, with deterrents for squirrels.  The innovative simplicity of the design will make cleaning easier, and a lifetime warranty stands behind every finely crafted, high-quality feeder Droll Yankees makes! My ultimate best pick for a Walmart bird feeder is the Droll Yankees Ring Pull.

You would be hard-pressed to find a more weather-resistant, durable, and easy-to-clean bird feeder that looked this good and lasts a lifetime!

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