Reina Esser

Reina loves watching birds and learning new ways to identify them. When she started her own lawncare company, she fell in love with our feathered friends. Currently, she is learning how to identify them from their song! She loves to share her tips, tricks, and product recommendations here on Birding Insider; you can get the most out of your birding hobby!

Amethyst-throated Mountain-Gem Guide (Lampornis amethystinus)

So many hummingbird species have striking plumage flecked with metallic hues of copper, gold, green, pink, blue, orange…okay, I might as well list the entire rainbow. They are so unassuming when the sunlight isn’t shining on them just right, but the minute it does, boom! A kaleidoscope of color glimmers and radiates through the sky […]

Amethyst-throated Mountain-Gem Guide (Lampornis amethystinus) Read More »

Rivoli’s Hummingbird Guide (Eugenes fulgens)

If you’ve never heard of Rivoli’s Hummingbird, that’s because it’s undergone a few name changes over time. From Rivoli’s to Magnificent to Rivoli’s again, let me explain. Rivoli’s Hummingbird first received its name in 1829, when natural historian René-Primevère Lesson named this bird in honor of the second Duke of Rivoli. The Duke was an

Rivoli’s Hummingbird Guide (Eugenes fulgens) Read More »

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