Best Bird House Kits: Treat Your Feathered Friends to a New Home

Are you seeking the best bird house kits for your feathered friends? You are in the right nest.

I’m an expert in birds and would like to share my knowledge with you. After all, a candle does not lose its brightness by lighting another candle. It only gets brighter, right?

Choosing the right bird house kits is critical. After all, we all love waking up to beautiful melodies from songbirds.

There are many bird house kits out there. While some are fun and easy to build, others are not worth your dime or suitable for birds. 

A suitable bird house kit can make all the difference in the success of your project. You want a durable, protective, comfortable, and attractive birdhouse design for your feathered friends. 

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So What Is the Best Bird House Kit?

The best bird house kits offer comfort and protection, making it easier for the birds to live with you. A good birdhouse kit should have easy-to-follow instructions and pre-cut shapes to build a functional and decorative birdhouse.

And while being durable and sturdy, quality bird house kits should have all the features to keep the bird healthy.

Here is my bottom line up front

I prefer the Toysmith Beetle And Bee Birdhouse Kit to introduce children to birding.

If you are looking for the best bird house kit for adults, go with SISTERBIRD Bird Houses

Importance of Birdhouse Kit

Birdhouse kits have a wide range of benefits to birds and human beings. Here are the benefits of a bird house: 

Nesting Place

Bird houses provide safe nesting places for birds. This is important because the cost of removing a bird’s nest from unsuitable sites is up to USD 2000

A birdhouse is ideal for cavity-nesting birds, providing them with an alternative safe place to build nests and raise young ones.

While providing birds with nesting boxes is a thrilling and rewarding experience, it enhances the survival of chicks and the continued population of birds.

A Roosting Place for Visiting Birds

Birdhouses are also important for migrating birds as they provide a safe place to rest, feed, and raise young ones.

Bird houses are an excellent way to attract migratory birds. Migratory birds usually stay in the same place for long periods during the summer and then move on during the winter. This is why providing them homes during their stay in your yard is essential.  


Do you know you can help to protect and conserve birds, especially endangered bird species?

Even though birds are naturally adapted to survive in natural habitats and urban settings, providing them with a birdhouse increases their chances of survival. 

Providing a house for them is one way to help in their conservation. It’s that simple.

Several bird species like blue-throated macaws have benefited from bird houses which have saved them from extinction. Thick-billed parrots and scores of other birds have also benefited from artificial bird houses.

A Shelter in the Storm… and Other Times

If you have ever taken refuge in a shelter during raging storms or snowfalls, you know why this is so important. Birds, too, need protection from the elements.

A birdhouse provides warmth and protection during harsh weather, and many birds will gratefully take refuge there until the bad weather has cleared. 

And during low temperatures, communal and paired birds nestle together for warmth inside the birdhouse.

Birdhouse kits are small, but they pack a big punch. They help to protect birds from predators such as raccoons and cats. 

Birdhouses have entry holes of varying sizes that attract specific bird species. Small entry holes lock out larger predators from gaining into the birdhouse. The small hole design coupled with mounting and predator guards helps to protect your feathered friends from being an easy meal.

house for birds


Birds are one of the best ways to entertain family and friends. And a great way to relax and enjoy their company while enjoying the world around you.

You will enjoy peace of mind and marvel at nature’s best creation as you watch birds flap around in your backyard. You will also enjoy their sweet melodies early in the morning and evening. 

Besides being entertaining, the birds will also reward you.

The Benefits of Having Birds Around

As natural pest control, birds feed on rodents and insects, which often cause damage to plants. 

Birds like hummingbirds are efficient pollinators, aiding fertilization and crop production.

A decorated Birdhouse kit matching the garden’s theme boosts the exterior decor—a big plus in property valuation. And a well-maintained homestead with a host of birds often appeals to many homebuyers and nature lovers. As a result, the value of your property goes up. 

It’s a win-win situation!

Fun-Filled Family Activity

Birdhouse kits are primarily designed to offer a fun activity for children but are also ideal for adults. Both adults and young people can enjoy the delight of a birdhouse. Besides, it makes a fun-filled activity for a family as a child and parent engage in making creative birdhouses. Assembling and painting birdhouse kits is a fun-filled activity and bonding as your children introduce birding and conservation early.

Single-unit vs. Multi-unit Bird House Kits

Single-unit bird house kits are great to start with, as they’re easy to build and require little in terms of materials. As the name suggests, this birdhouse kit comprises a single housing unit to accommodate one or two birds.

But multi-unit kits are the way to go if you want to invite more birds into your garden. These kits have several housing units attached to cater to various bird species. Each housing unit has its own entry hole, and the dimensions of the holes vary to attract different species of birds.  

However, inviting many birds comes with challenges. 

Some birds like American Robin, Sparrows, and Wren are highly territorial and often fight to defend their territories. This means if you have multiple birdhouses, then you have to space them. Provide single-unit birdhouses if you have territorial birds in your backyard.

Communal birds like Swifts, swallows, and herons will share the same space, including nesting boxes. Such birds will love the multi-unit birdhouses.

We have looked at the importance of bird house kits, but before you buy one, it is crucial to know…

bird boxes

Features of a Good Bird House Kit

When selecting a bird house kit, consider the following features.

  • Ease of Assembly: The essential feature of a good bird house kit is the ease of assembly. You don’t want to spend hours assembling a birdhouse kit or for it to wind up in the garage, unused and forgotten.
  • Durability: A good bird house kit’s durability is another essential feature. Ensure it is strong enough to withstand strong winds and storms without compromising the bird’s comfort and safety. Some kits withstand multiple seasons of use, while others will fall apart within a few months. Screws are best when assembling birdhouses kits. Nails and glue easily fall apart, while staples are the worst.
  • Easy-to-clean design: A good bird house should have an easy-to-clean design, such as a removable roof or panel. This makes it easy to remove old nesting materials, which cause mites and bird lice problems.
  • Building Material: The material used to build the birdhouse should be durable with thick walls to provide insulation during winter. Wood is better than metal and plastics because it helps to regulate temperature. A good birdhouse is made of cedar or redwood. This will ensure the birdhouse will serve birds for many years without painting. Pine and plywood are also suitable, but they won’t last long. To get your birdhouse to last longer, paint the exterior with water-based exterior paint.
  • Ventilation: Do not take ventilation for granted, as it helps to regulate the airflow and temperature inside the birdhouse. There are usually small holes at the top and bottom of the birdhouse, which help keep it cool during the summer months.
  • Sloped rooftop: A sloped rooftop allows good rainwater runoff, which helps to minimize leaking roofs. The roof should also extend at least 3 inches from the entry hole—an important feature to prevent rain from entering the birdhouse. The extended roofing also prevents predators from accessing the entry hole.
  • Drainage Holes: A birdhouse should have drainage holes at the bottom. This helps to drain water in case rain finds its way inside.
  • Rough interior: A rough interior aids fledglings in climbing out when it’s time to leave the nest.
  • Waterproof: A good birdhouse kit should be waterproof so that the birds and nests do not get wet in the rain or snow.
  • Size: Most birds prefer a compact design measuring 4-6 ” square base and 6 – 12″ in height. More giant birds like owls, ducks, and kestrels will need large bird house kits. 
  • Entrance hole size and position: birdhouse entry hole size affects the bird species inhabiting it. Most birds prefer entry holes measuring 1 ¼ to 1 ½.” Entry hole position also affects the bird species that will find refuge in your birdhouse. Usually, the entry hole is positioned between 4 – 7″ from the birdhouse floor.
  • Design: The design of the birdhouse should be attractive so that your birds will want to use it. You can choose from various designs depending on what type of birds you have at home.
  • Security: a birdhouse should have a safe design that withstands strong winds and prevent predators. 

bird's house diy

Best Bird House Buying Guide

Each type of birdhouse comes with unique features, as I have elaborated on in the previous section. It is essential to look at the features closely before purchasing the birdhouse  

In addition, consider the following factors before buying a birdhouse kit:

Know Your Tenants

The most important thing to consider when purchasing a bird house kit is the species of bird you intend to attract.

Bird houses come in different shapes, sizes, and colors targeting a specific bird species. 

Small songbirds usually prefer the smaller houses, while larger ones are more suitable for larger birds like pigeons. 

For example, sparrows, starlings, and finches need more miniature birdhouses with smaller entry holes. And if you want to attract a larger variety of birds, consider a large aviary nest box with a larger entrance.

So before you buy a birdhouse, determine the species of bird you want to attract. You can do this by learning bird species and how to identify birds.

Bird House Sizes and the Species of Bird They Fit

Bird House Entry Hole Size Entrance Height Floor Size Bird Species Remarks
1 ⅛ “ 4″ to 6″ 4″ x 4″ chickadees Suitable for small birds.


The small holes deter predators

1 ¼ “ 4″ to 6″ 4″ x 4″ Nuthatches




The small hole deters predators
1 ¾” 6″ to 8″ 5″ x 5″ Robins





Suitable for medium-sized birds
2″ 8″ to 12″ 6″ x 6″ House finches


Purple martini 

Suitable for large birds
4” 20” 10” x 10” Wood ducks  Suitable for cavity-nesting ducks.

Consider Customer Reviews

The best way to determine if a birdhouse kit is suitable for you is to check customer reviews from previous customers. The reviews will tell you what they like, what they don’t like, and what problems they encounter.

You can find excellent reviews on Amazon, Trustpilot, and Home Depot — but be wary of the ones that are overly positive or negative. The best way to get a feel for the product is by reading through the reviews and looking at the ratings on various sites. 


 A birdhouse may not always meet your needs, so add some features and change colors.

Before settling on a particular bird house kit, ensure it has the provisions to adjust to your needs. 

To make a birdhouse more attractive or match your exterior decor, you can paint it or add accessories. You can add roof cover and perch to make your birdhouse more functional.

Don’t Break the Bank

The cost is one of the most important factors to consider when buying a birdhouse kit.

The cost of a bird house kit will depend on the quality of the materials used, the design, craftsmanship, and the reseller. You can expect to pay between $10 and $50 for an average size birdhouse kit.

It is essential to know how much you will spend on the kit. A cheap bird house kit will not last long and will not protect your birds from harm. You can also overspend if you cannot compare the cost of birdhouse kits between different sellers.

Though it may be costly, If your budget allows, buying a good quality kit is better because it will last longer and won’t require frequent repairs or replacements.

The cost of a bird house kit can vary from brand to brand. Some kits may be more expensive, depending on the materials used. 

The more expensive bird house kits come with more advanced features and are made from durable materials.

bird nests

Maintenance of a Bird House Kit

Buying a bird house kit is not the end of your kind gesture if you want the best for your feathered friend. You want your avian friend to live in a comfortable place and have an enormous family. 

You must maintain the bird house kit, especially after every brood.

If you leave a bird house for long, we all know what happens. It can become moldy, stuffy, and full of nesting material — probably even infested with pests, and your feathered friends might abandon it.

And If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably been keeping your bird house for a long time. And that means it’s time for maintenance.

Here are the steps:

  1. You’ll need a few tools like a screwdriver, hammer, pliers, bleach, ladder, and cleaning cloth or sponge. You can find these in any hardware store or even online.
  2. Ensure the bird house has no eggs or fledglings, then un-mount it, taking care not to let it fall.
  3. Spray the nest with over-the-counter insecticide to kill mites, chiggers, or lice. 

Wait for some minutes before proceeding.

  1. Open the removable panel or roof, then remove old nesting materials and debris in the interior. Scrape out dirt and stuck matter inside the birdhouse, including debris inside ventilation and drainage holes, and remove them.
  2. Mix a weak solution of bleach and water in a ratio of 1:9. Use the key to scrub the interior part of your birdhouse. Clean also the drainage, entrance, and ventilation holes.
  3. Turn to the exterior part and clean it as well.
  4. Rinse it with clean water and leave it to dry in the sun. It should be dry after a few hours.
  5. Inspect the kit for damages, repair as necessary, and ensure that anything does not block all drainage and ventilation holes.
  6. Reassemble the kit, and if you want to make it look better, apply a coat of paint to it.
  7. Finally, mount your birdhouse or store it until the migratory birds return.

Safety Tip

  • Wear safety clothes, including a respiratory mask and gloves.
  • Dispose of the waste materials properly.

The Toysmith Beetle And Bee Birdhouse Kit

Toysmith Beetle & Bee

Introduce your children to birding and nature by making your beetle and bee birdhouse with the Toysmith beetle and bee birdhouse kit. The kit has everything you need to build a six-inch-high, wonderful birdhouse. 

With the included chain, four paint pots, paintbrush, nail, glue, and pre-cut pieces, you can create a cute house for birds in no time. The kit contains high-quality and FSC-certified parts, making it safe for children and adults. 

The Toysmith Beetle & Bee Project is simple to build and suitable for people of all ages. While stimulating imaginative play, it enhances fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and problem-solving abilities. 

The Beetle & Bee Kits’ wood-like appearance makes an excellent gift choice for any occasion.


  • Constructed using high-quality materials
  • Step-by-step straightforward assembling instructions
  • It has all the hardware, including pre-cut wooden pieces for quick assembly. 


  • Hard to clean the interior once assembled

Neliblu 12 Wooden Birdhouses

Neliblu 12 Wooden Birdhouses

Got aspiring birding enthusiasts? Neliblu 12 Wooden Birdhouses are the perfect craft for aspiring birdwatchers. Children from 3 years can create and paint their birdhouses in various hues. 

Each kit includes 12 unfinished wood bird houses, 12 paint strips, 12 paintbrushes, and stickers to create a dozen beautiful bird houses. Any aspiring birdwatcher will be impressed with the beautiful artistically crafted wooden birdhouses. 

The Neliblu bird house kit comes with everything needed to create beautiful birdhouses, making it a favorite to many.

The best part? This DIY kit is more affordable than most similar products on the market. If you’re looking for something fun and fancy for kids of all ages and skill levels, this is it.


  • Make your own bird house with our easy-to-follow instructions
  • Safe for young children from 3 years
  • It’s easy to assemble, paint and decorate them in many ways
  • Each birdhouse is made with 100% FSC Certified wood


  • Not suitable for an actual birdhouse because it can easily fall apart because of weak joints.

Hapray 4 Pack Bird House Kit

hapray 4 Pack Bird House Kit

It’s never too early to teach children to appreciate birds in an easy and fun way. Hapray 4 Pack Bird House Kit makes it easy for you as it comes with everything to create and customize four beautiful bird houses. While it is a perfect gift to entertain little ones, it encourages creativity and conservation of bird life.

This DIY birdhouse kit includes paint, paintbrushes, hanging ropes, glue, four unassembled birdhouses, and easy-to-follow instructions. Kids will have lots of fun as they get their hands dirty creating and painting birdhouses for chickadees and other birds.

Hapray bird house kit is made of eco-friendly, non-toxic parts, making it safe for the children and the environment. On top of that, the Hapray bird house comprises durable and water-proof premium quality material to withstand long-term outside use. 

Have some fun with your child as you paint or stain the bird houses with colors to attract birds.


  • No hammer, nails, or screens required
  • Easily assembled using slots and tabs
  • Safe for children because it is made of non-toxic material
  • Environmentally friendly


  • Requires adult supervision of smaller kids
  • Since it is not joined using screws or nails, it may easily fall apart when used as a functional birdhouse.


ORIENTAL CHERRY Crafts for Kids Ages 4-8

A noble way to teach kids about birds and the importance of protecting them starts with the ORIENTAL CHERRY Bird House Kit. The kit features two unassembled BirdHouses, paints, a brush, and glue. Kids will have fun creating and painting a beautiful birdhouse.

All you have to do is fit together the pre-cut boards and apply glue in just minutes. Next, paint the houses to your liking.  

It is the perfect activity for rainy days or weekends spent at home.

These unique and fun birdhouses feature colorful oriental-style architecture bringing a splash of color to any yard or garden. Kids will learn about birds while gaining valuable life skills like problem-solving, fine motor skills, and creativity.


  • It comes with twelve paints
  • Very easy to assemble even without instructions


  • The house is very tiny for a functional birdhouse.
  • The entry hole is also tiny for even a little bird to pass-through
  • Weak glue
  • Has no assembly instructions

Melissa and Doug Build-Your-Own Wooden Birdhouse

Melissa and Doug Build-Your-Own Wooden Birdhouse

Melissa & Doug is all about developing kids’ minds and hands. And this wooden birdhouse kit does more than that—it lets children develop a deeper appreciation of birds.

This kit includes all the pieces you need to paint and assemble a birdhouse. You can paint the birdhouse to match your exterior decor or leave it natural for a more rustic look.

The Melissa and Doug Build-Your-Own Wooden Birdhouse is a great way to bring a minor nature into your home. You can decorate it any way you like with its assortment of paints, stickers, paintbrushes, and glue. 

Follow the picture-based instructions to build an adorable wooden birdhouse with this fun arts and crafts kit. And before you know it, you’ll have a charming home ready for little birds to move in.

The Melissa and Doug Build-Your-Own Wooden Birdhouse has everything you’ll need to complete a beautiful, working birdhouse. The pre-cut pieces fit together quickly, so you only need to tighten them with screws.

Let your little one’s creativity soar as they build it, customize it, and watch your feathered friends fly to their new home.


  • Screw joints make it durable.
  • Unique design


  • Poor quality paint brush
  • Without parents’ help, Children cannot tighten the screws.


SISTERBIRD Bird Houses for Outside

Add some birdhouse love to your yard. SISTERBIRD Bird Houses for Outside add a touch of nature to your garden or patio area, bringing birds closer. 

While easy to mount on a tree, wall, or fence post, you will love this birdhouse kit for adults because it is loaded with outstanding features to attract birds. Top on the list is cedar construction material with a 1 – 1 ½ entry hole to attract medium-sized birds, like bluebirds, wrens, cardinals, and more. The small entry hole allows just the right size of a bird to enter and exit the house while keeping off predators and invasive bird species like the sparrows.

The front door opens for easy clean-out, and several openings for ventilation and drainage ensure the house remains dry and fresh. 

Further, the kit comes with pre-cut wooden pieces, which are easily assembled using screws to provide a safe place for birds. They are durable, stylish adult birdhouse kits making them the perfect gift for bird lovers.


  • It is long-lasting 
  • Suitable for a variety of birds


  • Not suitable for kids because it is designed as a functional birdhouse rather than decorative


Question: Why is it not reasonable to provide a perching stick in a birdhouse?

Answer: It may tempt you to add a perching stick for the bird. Invertedly, predators and invasive bird species may use the perch to access the birdhouse. For example, house sparrows are invasive species and often use the nests to peak and evict other nesting birds.

Question: Which are the birdhouse colors that attract birds?

Answer: Birds are attracted to different colors, and painting your birdhouse kit with color is a great way to attract specific birds. That means you need to know what colors attract birds.
This is because colors significantly affect the bird species you want to attract. Except for a few species, most birds prefer high-energy colors like blue, green, and purple. 
For example, the sterlings prefer red, and robins like black. While yellow and green colors attract goldfinches, bluebirds love blue, and siskins will always choose red. Orioles love oranges, so an orange color is a sure way to attract them.

Question: Why choose bird house kits made from wood?

Answer: Wood is the most common material used in bird houses. It is sturdy and easy to work with, making it a popular choice among bird enthusiasts. 
Most birds prefer weathered and untreated woods over new or treated ones. This means birds will shun a unique birdhouse until it weathers and avoid birdhouses built with treated timber.
However, there are some disadvantages when making a birdhouse from wood:
Wood can absorb moisture from rain or snowfall. This can cause decay if the water does not dry out quickly enough.
Wood warps over time if not adequately dried after being exposed to wet conditions for an extended period. This makes it difficult to hold up against strong winds or heavy rains and snowfalls.
Birdhouse kits are also available in plastics and metals. However, I don’t recommend these materials as they keep and build up excess heat. And during cold seasons, they become freezing.

bird's nest

Final Thoughts

The best bird house kit is one that will make your feathered friend happy. I hope this article has been of value and helps you choose a bird house suitable for your needs. But always remember – the little things in life matter most, so build a birdhouse with care and enjoy watching and listening to the beautiful feathered friends.

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