Joe Cockram

Joe was first inspired by birds at the age of 6, watching the Barn Swallows nesting in his garden shed. He worked as an ornithological consultant. After a decade of migration research and seabird conservation, he now works as an ornithologist guide on expedition cruise ships. He drives small boat tours, leads hikes ashore, and gives presentations on board.

Calliope Hummingbird Guide (Selasphorus calliope)

Introduction / Taxonomy Everybody loves hummingbirds, right? There’s no controversy there, they are delightful little gems that add much entertainment and joy to our lives. But asking somebody what their favorite hummingbird is, results in a far more complex discussion. For me, the Calliope Hummingbird is the best of the North American species. As the

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Red-Shouldered Hawk Guide (Buteo lineatus)

Red-shouldered Hawks are a rather discreet denizen of woodland habitats, rarely particularly visible but often betraying their presence with loud vocalizations. They are a member of the Buteo genus, a group of about 30 species found almost worldwide, only excluding Australasia and far south-east Asia. These are typically medium-sized, stocky raptors with broad wings for

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Broad-Winged Hawk Guide (Buteo platypterus)

Broad-winged Hawks are one of only five raptor species (the others being Swainson’s Hawk, Mississippi Kite, Swallow-tailed Kite, and Gray Hawk) that migrate almost entirely out of North America for the winter. While they can be rather furtive during the breeding season, in certain locations, they suddenly become very apparent in the fall, appearing from

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